HDI Phases HR Model

We take pride in our PHASES program, a PEOPLE-FOCUSED HR MODEL that serves as the foundation of all current and future HR programs. PHASES is anchored on the following:

  • Employee as a strategic resource
  • Using technology as an HR enabler
  • Integration of core values into core business processes

  • PHASES represents the various stages of an employee’s life from SOURCING to ONBOARDING, RETAINING AND OFFBOARDING. It is a transformation that starts the moment one applies for a job with us, continues on before one’s engagement as an employee, goes on while one is actively employed and engaged, and looks beyond engagement by helping prepare the employee for life outside their current employer.

    Sourcing Phase


    Programs under this phase are geared towards finding the right people for our organization. We look beyond eligibility and suitability and take culture and values into consideration when hiring. Read more

    Onboarding Phase


    This phase consists of programs that set the tone of professionalism and warmth, giving any of our new hires the initial positive experience of being formally welcomed into the company. Read more

    Retaining Phase


    Under this phase are programs geared towards fostering a culture of engaged employees, making them feel that they are indeed a strategic resource of the company. Read more

    Offboarding Phase


    While retention of employees is an important consideration for every employer, HDI Resource recognizes that employees do come and go. Employees are given the opportunity to leave the company happily and gracefully. To realize this, this phase has programs to help prepare our leaving employees for eventual career beyond. Read more