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Funniest Recruitment What!

No matter how serious and professional you want to act and sound during this make or break moment, your candour will bring out your true identity sooner or later. Yes, you want the job and you respond to each question with your best foot forward but sometimes, you never know if it is really the best self you are presenting to the recruitment personnel. Here are the funniest (or most sensible) responses I heard from the job applicants I invited for an interview/interviewed for my current organization:

SMS to applicant: Dear Mr. ___. We received your job application for the Admin Assistant position as advertised by HDI Resource. With this, we would like to invite you for an interview on May 21, 2015 at 9 a.m. in our office.

Applicant: What position?

Applicant: What company is this?

Applicant: Interview po?

Why are you applying for this position?

Applicant: Because I don’t have a job.

Applicant: Because you invited me.

Applicant: (Thought of his answer for 3-5 minutes) because I want to.

What are your expectations on the job you are applying for?

Web Developer Applicant: I expect to do web development.

Applicant: Salary.

Why should we hire you?

Stock Market Trader Applicant: Because I was inspired of DiCaprio’s lifestyle in the Wolf of Wall Street.

Accounting Assistant Applicant: Because I am an Accountancy Graduate.

How long have you been a resident of this address?

21-year old applicant: 30 years.

Any question?

Applicant: Do you have an elevator? (No elevator in this building)

Applicant: May I invite you for coffee tomorrow?

Applicant: May I use your restroom?

Applicant: What does your company do?

Job Offer was issued to employee.

Applicant: Can I bring this home? I’d like to ask my parents about this.

The next time you receive an interview invite from a company which opportunity you find interesting, make sure to read and understand the details sent to you and research about the company. Don’t state the obvious when you are asked about your job expectations. Make sure you know the reason why you are interested to apply for the job. This is real life so always answer with common sense. When you graduated from college, it is expected that you can already stand alone, at least in deciding which job you will take. Also, never make a move on the interviewer because it will seriously get awkward and you will lose the opportunity to work with her too due to your unprofessional and overconfident action. What I am trying to say is things like this make the job of HR-Recruitment fun, but not for you. As the first in line to represent the company and its culture to an outside talent, HR presents their best professional self to job applicants. We hope you can do the same for us too and finally (if shortlisted), work together soon!