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Inter-Subsidiary Climbs

If you work in our organization, you will observe some departments or companies doing Zumba, 25-minute physical workout, boxing, playing badminton and jogging in a park, and participating in fun runs together. Many are also particular with proper diet. This is an influence of our organization’s upholding of its core values particularly, “live,” which is all about wellness. Fortunately, I am friends with the people from our sister companies and I was invited to do an activity I find extreme with my physical fitness level, and had never imagined that I will do it because it is very tiring.

Suddenly, I am on my way to a 10-hour drive to reach the jump off point of a famous mountain with my colleague friends. Mountaineering seems like an endless endeavour; reach the top by either walking or climbing while holding onto rocks and branches with a bag as heavy as 15%-25% of my body weight while fighting for my lungs because of the thinning oxygen as I get to a higher altitude. I climbed Mt. Pulag in Benguet in June 2015 with friends from HDI Securities and HDI System Technologies with a former intern. I climbed Mt. Daraitan in Rizal in November 2015 with friends from said companies and a resigned employee joined us too. Recently, I climbed Mt. Bira-Bira, Zambales and climbed down to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales in February 2016 with friends from said companies, my HR colleague and a former intern joined us. With these activities, we were able to build strong ties as friends and together, promote the practice of our core values naturally, without being aware that we are upholding them outside work.


I realized it’s not just about “live.” It is also about “learn,” to survive the body pain during the climb and to adapt to a very different environment compared to our everyday lives in the city. It is definitely “love,” to always support your teammates to reach the summit of the mountain, aid them on their needs and never leave anyone behind. To be able to live well, learn to love and respect nature too. “Leave no trace,” and bring nothing with you except the memories and lessons from these journeys./p>


Business Smart Casual Wear Ideal For: Admin | Back Office | Customer Service | Finance | IT

Because you sit in front of your computer most of the time, you may wear something comfortable and presentable at the same time, like wearing flat shoes, which is also good for mobility since you need to serve your clients fast. Although you don’t transact with people outside the company face to face, you have to present yourself well with your colleagues and boss. Who knows if someone will visit your company and catch you wearing flip-flops?

Who wants to join our next climb?