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A Graceful and Meaningful Exit

HDI celebrates employees’ milestones across phases – even retirement which forms part of the offboarding phase. Year 2018 marks HDI’s first to officially grant retirement pay for eligible employees in accordance to government mandates. Three of HDI’s employees from the advertising, multi-level marketing and financing subsidiaries availed of the retirement benefit.


As a warm gesture to honor their length of service in the company, colleagues of the retirees prepared a simple tribute for them in collaboration with HDI Resource. Members of their subsidiary surprised the retirees with a celebration of food, singing, sharing stories and giving of special tokens which they will hold dear and remember about their former workmates. A supposedly sentimental moment was replaced with tears of joy and laughter as their exit was feted reminiscing their stay in HDI.


These retirees had served a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 22 years of employment in HDI. They have grown in age and grace in the company as they shared their wisdom and experience to the younger breed of employees. Memories shared with these retirees who have lived, learned and loved beyond themselves, evidenced by their length of service and value contribution in HDI, will surely bring happy thoughts to people and lives they have touched in a special way.


To Tatay Ben, Kuya Willy and Ms. Belle as they are fondly called, tight hugs to the three of you! Continue to spread joy and love to the people you will meet outside of this campus you considered your second home for the past years. Until we meet again!

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