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No Cheating, Exams Ongoing: APE in the Workplace

Periodic Annual Medical Examination is found to be helpful in increasing healthcare awareness and prevent possible major illness, or address existing ones among employees in the workplace. When it comes to health, prevention is better than cure. Some illnesses are preventable and can be managed better if identified early.

During annual physical exam, the emphasis is on employees’ physical wellness and to take proactive steps to stay healthy.

As Live is one of HDI core values, we prioritized health and wellness awareness and promotion. Hence, the company regularly holds its Annual Physical Examination (APE) for employees in compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

On February 1, 2019, a mobile clinic was organized inside the Hive Campus and participated by 98% of employees and earned positive feedback from the employees. The audio visual room was set up to cater to various medical services. The APE services were facilitated by the friendly and approachable medical staff of New Port X-ray, Laboratory and Medical Center, Inc.

The five basic laboratory tests were provided to employees which include urinalysis, fecalysis, complete blood count (CBC), chest x-ray, physical examination, drug test, pap smear for 35 years old and above female employees and electrocardiogram (ECG) for 35 years old and above employees.

As value added service, free massage and optical consultation were offered to employees, too. The massage evidently reduce stress and tension related to work, as attested by those employees availing of the service.

Workplace experience can be a mixture of so many emotions, of laughter and sadness, of struggles and joy. We never know when we will face big difficulties and unprecedented troubles in our lives. There are days at work that we have to go through bad vibes and issues we need to address which results to stress. We cannot avoid these kinds of problem, but we cannot also sacrifice our health which is the most important aspect of our working life.

We need to have good choices on what we take part in terms of food and lifestyle, and most of all, our choice to being healthy starts at giving time to be aware of our health condition through regular checkup available and accessible in the workplace. That is why employees could benefit more in the conduct of regular annual physical exam, better than those who waited for health care awareness after illness is diagnosed.