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HDI Educational Advocacy: Help to Learn, Learn to Serve

HDI Resource follows the phases model. One of which is called retaining. In here, different programs are designed to retain good talents and one of which is the educational assistance provided to employees.

In HDI, we value continuous learning and the company supports its employees who wish to further grow in their chosen field through the continuing education program. HDI has already sponsored two employees who completed a bachelor’s degree, one in business administration and one in accountancy. Part of the company’s advocacy in Learning is to provide means for employees to help them build their career as well.

One of the graduates is Sir Jun. He’s been with HDI for more than 15 years. He started his career in the outdoor advertising subsidiary of HDI as an Inspector and also worked as a government compliance assistant under the business development department. Later on, he was assigned to supervise the operations department. Given his work experience, he was considered for the assistant manager position and to prepare him to handle a higher level position, he had to broaden his knowledge on business administration. Sir Jun together with HDI Resource worked hand in hand in looking for a college that offers continuing education program for working professionals like him.

He was enrolled in St. Joseph College acknowledged by CHED for having an education assessment program called ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Assessment Program). This allowed him to be enrolled in classes while still working full-time. Last March 2019, he officially received his diploma and is already a degree holder. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree, he was further assessed in terms of his performance milestones and recommended for a higher level position.

“I am thankful because my dream to have a degree has been fulfilled with the help of HDI and its promotion of core value, Learn. I am proud that I was able to become a degree holder at the age of 52. I initially did not expect that I could do it, but fortunately, I was able to finish it through the company’s continuous encouragement and assistance. Completing the degree is helpful especially that I am handling a bigger responsibility as an Assistant Operations Manager. I am now able to manage and understand my work better. I can also say that I have a better understanding on how to lead the department. I encourage others to never stop believing and dreaming. Everything is possible as long as you are committed. This is something that HDI taught me and I am proud that I am a product of HDI’s advocacy in learning.” -Manuel Embuido, Jr.