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Sweet Endings

There are hundreds of reasons why employees resign from work but there is a standard process that companies observe regarding resignation. In a usual set-up, offboarding employees just tender the notice period of terminating their employment contract, process their clearance and turnover and wait for their last day of employment. Here in HDI, we observe a unique of approach for our resigning employees with the Offboarding process of our Phases model. From sourcing to offboarding, we wanted to give the employees a worthwhile experience. That is why we have the offboarding send-off program.

This program is customized based on the need of the employee. A short learning session anchored on their reason for leaving is conducted prior to their last day in the company. May it be about managing their own business, moving into another career or job, being a stay-at-home parent among others, HDI Resource creates an offboarding material for them. Apart from that, messages from their colleagues are also gathered in the form of letters or videos. To cap it off, pictures during their tenure in the company are shown after the learning session to reminisce their joyful times in HDI.

These activities are done to let them know that there can always be a sweet ending to a new beginning. Even though they will leave the company for a new endeavor, the company wants the employees to leave with a happy heart knowing that HDI will and forever be their home. A home where they grew individually through the experience and skills that were cultivated through their personal efforts and with the support of their colleagues and the management. Hopefully, they will feel lighter and offboard the company with a smile on their faces.

Here are some testimonials from the offboarded employees:

“It is a good program as it showed me some of my memories here in HDI. It reminds me of all the good things that happened to me here.”

– Operations Crew/Driver

“It’s good. Up to the very end I really felt the love of the company and my colleagues. Please continue to do this.”

- Tax Compliance Officer

“Malaking tulong sa akin para sa panibago kong journey (It’s a big help as I start my new journey).”

-Graphic Artist

“As this is just my first job, I think this is cool. I appreciate it. Even though we are parting ways, I feel the love of HDI.”

-Marketing Assistant

“It was a good session that I can take as I embark a new path in life. HDI's offboarding program will let you feel that you are loved.”

-Systems Implementation Specialist