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More Than a Town Hall

Transparency, in a business or governance context, is honesty and openness ( In HDI, it embodies its LIVE core value through honesty and accountability. As an organization, the core value is practiced by both the leaders and employees through Hive Assembly, a gathering of the people in the organization to present the financial performance, achievements and challenges of each business group – a subsidiary or a large organizational department.

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On the first Monday of the first month of the year, HDI Resource facilitated the organization’s first Hive Assembly at the head office. It started with a prayer, then opening remarks, an ice breaker and the reports of each group. The following assemblies were facilitated by the different groups, and month by month, the way these assemblies were handled got better. Employees from other offices were able to join the assembly via video call. Each group had a theme – Valentine’s Day, Tropical Summer, Valor, Floral, Back to School, Typhoon, 70s and United Nations.

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Sept HDI Hive Assembly Posting

Towards the end of the year, AlmusaLove, an employee get-together during breakfast, were held prior to attending the Hive Assembly. Soup, gruel, bread, rice cakes, fruits and coffee were brought by business groups and shared to everyone as our way to show our LOVE to each other.

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The assembly is not just a platform for transparency, but also a gathering of everyone to have fun and be energized at the start of each month. Eventually, it became an avenue of each group to give support or ask for it from each other as the diverse organization is known to have groups with different strengths and expertise. This assembly creates oneness, that people learn about how each subsidiary helped one another to sustain all businesses of the organization.