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Break it Up Immediately

"Truth hurts, but lies are worse."

One of the worst messages a Recruiter may receive in the middle of the night is an applicant, or rather, newly hired employee, backing out of his job application the night before his day one.


Like a drinking spree from the night before, the morning after hurts likes hell. The supervisor of the supposedly newly hire employee will greet you with his biggest smile and ask the whereabouts of his new staff. The guards inquire on what time the new hire will he arrive and the Receptionist will ask if he is from the same province she grew up with.

And like the aftermath of a guilt-laden party, you'll have to spill the bitter truth.  You thought the long search is over but unfortunately, you have to start the hunt again.

Applicants, just be honest early on.  If by the interview you have doubts, say it.  You think the salary's quite low? Negotiate it. Once you have accepted the job offer, you've already sealed your commitment.  From the moment you left the University grounds for the world of work, everyone expects you to be a professional. A person who keeps his promises, true to his word.

So say it early on once you've decided not to join.  The hiring company's excited to have you and is entitled to that respect.  Breaking the bad news may be hurtful, but it is better immediately so everyone can move on easily and without the heavy heart.



* James Morrison, Nina Woodford, Fraser Smith