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“Hey, HDI Admix is inviting us to attend their spiritual wellness activity this weekend. Are you going?” It took my colleagues 3 times to invite me and finally say yes. I just thought that I should rest during the weekend. It might be boring and be particular with one religion which is not good as employees have different religions and I have to shop for Christmas gifts too. “Why should I be there?” It’s just because I gave my word to this colleague. I only know that this has something to do with our company core values – live, learn and love.

C.A.R.I.N.G. Strengthening Relationships. That’s what the screen says. I thought to myself, I need this not only at work, but as I live life. Here’s what I understand of how we care for ourselves and others, breaking down the word to letters as our speaker, Bro. Alvin Barcelona of The Feast shared with us.


When we want to care for others, it is not natural to expect them to accept what you want to share to them without getting to know them first. It is easy to communicate, but connection takes effort. It takes commitment for connection to happen. When we make a friend, we keep them by getting in touch with each other from time to time, sharing the events of our lives with each other. So, how did we maintain our friendship with that college friend of ours? We made the decision to be friends with them every day.


In the world we live in, some people encourage others to be better with constant nagging. It might have worked on other people, but is this how we really want to be treated? Encourage someone with positive words. Instead of using negative words such as cannot, appreciate the good things and give inputs to help one improve on something. If we want to expose others on how we view them, do it with affirmation.


Wake up. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s the rule of life. We do things routinely. How did a professional singer become so great? She practiced singing for years. When you work hard expecting that you will get a promotion or a raise, and learned that you won’t get what you hoped for, you think that you lose. It’s not the case though. Because you worked hard every day, you are now recognized as a hardworking individual. What you do becomes you. That is how we strengthen our relationship with others and acknowledged it as a process that we need to work on. Why wait, when you can do it today? As the speaker said, “walang tamang panahon, dahil araw-araw ay pagkakataon. (There is no right time, because everyday is an opportunity).”


When we already built relationship with others, it is time to be proactive and get involved with each other’s lives and the concerns surrounding us. Instead of waiting, initiate. Instead of tolerating boredom, innovate. Instead of imposing, be the model and lead others by example. At work, I appreciate my colleagues who do tasks beyond their job description at times, and when it is helpful to critical situations, with such event that we can observe 4 types of people. (1) The criers. They are the complainers who do not act on how to go about the things they complain. (2) The safe keepers. They only do what is needed from them and tell others to stay within their boundaries too. (3) The snipers. When there is a chance, they go for the kill that if they noticed something wrong with another person, instead of helping him realize it, they pull him down further. Finally are (4) the servers. For the good of most, if not all, they sacrifice and go beyond what needs to be done. I know of a co-worker whose effort of helping another co-worker on her personal problems did something good. The one she helped improved not just on work attitude but also on a personal level. We are one of these types and I take the challenge to be a full-time server. Will you?


Through life experiences, I learned that I can only give others what I have. In this deeper meaning of caring, it leads you to the act of forgiveness. With it, nursing or healing your wounds comes too. I thought of the time that I was not able to forgive someone easily. Then it hit me hard, that I have to forgive myself too of the turnout of events I did not accept initially. I had to, in order to move on. Now I follow this healing process: forgive, ask for forgiveness, be forgiven and forget. No matter what your enemy or the people who hurt you have done, do not keep grudges and try to understand them.

Go Back to God

The Greater Being, our Creator is always with us to nourish our souls of spirituality whenever we seek Him. We truly care for ourselves and our loved ones that we always go back to Him because we know that He can protect us. When we have nowhere to go, it is in Him that we find comfort, regardless of our different religious beliefs.

I am an HR professional and this spiritual wellness activity’s effect cannot be quantified as the spirit can only be seen with eyes closed. However, this mini-recollection activity caught me off guard. On every topic discussed, it’s as if my mind was opened to be filled with what I have learned. It felt like my heart went warm and remembered buried memories and personal feelings forgotten for a time. I realized that I am only a human and I AM a human who has the ability for compassion, to inspire others and ultimately, to love and care for humanity and this should start from oneself.