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Buddy System: Welcoming a New Hire with a Difference

Remember your first day in your first job? When you don’t know anyone and you’re too nervous to approach others? When you’re just hoping that the day would end with you not making a single scene that would make everyone notice you?

Not a very good memory, right?

Since everyone is not as extroverted as the next person, assigning a buddy as part of a company’s onboarding phase is valuable for a new hire. So what exactly is a buddy system?

At its very core, buddy system is a program that would help new hires become more familiar and comfortable in the organization with the assistance from one of his/her colleagues. Such colleague would guide the new hire with the daily nuances in the office like where to buy lunch, what’s the nearest transportation terminal or a simple reminder on whom to call once the printer breaks down.

With that in mind, here are some benefits of having a buddy system both for the organization and the new hires:

Presents a welcoming vibe of the organization

welcoming vibe

Creating a welcoming first impression to your new hires is always a win for an organization. This would send a message to everyone that your company welcomes new hires with open arms and you are willing to grow with them.

Increase staff retention


For most people, their favorite workplace is often not the one with the highest pay, but rather the one they felt they belong. If done right, a buddy system is a good starting point where new hires can feel that they belong, hence, increasing their chance of staying longer with the company.

New hires can make friends easily

New hires can make friends easily

Since the new hire and the buddy will spend a significant portion of their time with each other’s presence, friendship becomes inevitable. More often than not, the employee’s ‘best friend’ in the organization is often his/her buddy!

Increased in confidence

Starting out in a new organization is often nerve-wracking. Having a buddy that would gladly guide the new hire will help him/her be at ease, and who knows, maybe even more productive.

Here are some actual comments from our employees:

“My buddy was very helpful to me especially in assisting and guiding me in the office.”

“I can adapt immediately with my colleagues as well as the people I met outside of our subsidiary because of my buddy.”

“Buddy system is a good concept as it helps in assisting the newbie to the right point person.”

“My buddy is very friendly to me. He also motivates me to do well with my job.”

With all of these in mind, perhaps your organization is just one buddy system away from harnessing that social butterfly in every new hire.