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What’s Your Dress Code?

When I was to work in this company, I was very excited and felt like shopping for new work clothes. But wait, what kind of clothes should I pick? Blazer, button down shirt with collar, pencil skirt and black heels, that’s what I wore. Dress sharp and proper, they say.

After my first week in the office, aside from the New Employee Orientation I attended, I learned what to wear and not to wear by observing my colleagues. In our organization, standard is from smart casual to business attire. For some departments, the nature of their jobs is physical so they wear casual and appropriate clothes as they do their functions. For those who will be working with us soon or those who need ideas of what to wear right at the start of their work in certain industries or departments who do not issue a daily uniform, have a look guide below:


Business Wear Ideal For: Executives | HR | Legal | Sales and Marketing

Because you will transact with people of high positions, business owners to partner with or become your clientele, job applicants for new talents in the company and mainly because YOU represent the company often, you have to look your best, professional self as the company representative. Invest in that perfect-fit blazer, black shoes and for the ladies, a good make-up. Comb and fix your hair too. You don’t want to look tired and sleepy in that meeting tomorrow morning.



Business Smart Casual Wear Ideal For: Admin | Back Office | Customer Service | Finance | IT

Because you sit in front of your computer most of the time, you may wear something comfortable and presentable at the same time, like wearing flat shoes, which is also good for mobility since you need to serve your clients fast. Although you don’t transact with people outside the company face to face, you have to present yourself well with your colleagues and boss. Who knows if someone will visit your company and catch you wearing flip-flops?



Smart Casual Wear Ideal For: Drivers | Messengers | Outdoor Operations

As you get out of the air-conditioned office and bathe in the sun the whole day, it is recommended to wear an outfit for the on-the-go functions you will perform daily. Deliver and claim documents, wait for your boss under the noontime sun or install those advertisement materials after climbing at least 50 feet from the ground. A polo shirt with short sleeves to endure the warm temperature (depends on your work location) and jeans are a good choice.


Before you go to your first day of work, ask HR about the dress code applicable to your designation and acceptable to the company. Look for clothes of quality which reflects your personality and appropriate to wear at work. Most important of all is to both dress and behave professionally. Make sure that you are confidently comfortable with beautiful high heels! The way you dress at work talks a lot about you and the company. Will you dress for success?