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An Experience to Remember By Reanne James Acob, former HR Intern

Internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students exposure to the working environment, often within a specific industry, which relates to their field of study (allaboutcareers.com). In the Philippines, almost every college student has to go through it with most college degree programs requiring them to go out into the “real world” and gain actual experience.

Luckily, HDI Resource, the HR arm of the HDI Family of Companies, opened its doors for me to be its intern. I, Reanne James Acob, a student of bachelor of science in business administration major in human resource development management at St. Paul University Quezon City, was required to render 400 hours of internship.

During my first day of internship in early January 2019, I really felt very anxious. What will I do here? Are the people approachable? What if I cannot do the tasks they will assign to me? These are only some of the hundred questions that were formed in my mind as soon as I sat down in front of my computer and work table. But, eventually as days, weeks and months passed by, I already felt that special bond that was formed between me and my colleagues, the HDI Resource Team.

I was tasked to give assistance to the whole team. Most of my tasks are for talent acquisition – sourcing, screening and hiring qualified applicants that the company needs. I got involved in every process and I was able to assist in the screening and invited 2 employment and 2 internship applicants who were hired! The whole process is time-consuming but in the end, it was all worth it. I felt relieved and happy. From the past years, I would only hear stories from lessons in my recruitment subject in school. But having experienced it first hand, I can say that all the learnings taught to me were applied. In the future, talent acquisition will definitely be one of my chosen functions, so as early as now, I need to learn how to properly screen the most qualified candidates and not just accept them based on my gut feel, and to hire and retain the right people for the company.

I was also exposed to compensation and benefits functions such as gathering the data of the annual physical examination (APE) results and made reports reference for the wellness programs for the year. I also distributed the results to the employees too so they can check their current health status and made reports to monitor the lifestyle of the company’s employees. While doing these tasks, I realized the importance of good health of employees and that is why I agree on the government mandate to hold APE. Its objective is to prevent conditions and diseases which not only can harm the employee, but also the people the employees work with. If something wrong is detected, it can still be controlled and be given proper attention. I was also tasked to help out in reviewing the employees’ medical balances and their utilizations, because the company allocates funds for them and it is important that records are properly documented and benefits are consumed properly. While doing these tasks, I learned that it is all about being professional. People do this task because it is their job and not to judge people on whatever they see in the data. It is also about paying attention to details, because each data in the medical balances and employee utilization is crucial. A little glitch and mistake can cause much to the company and employee. All these learnings should be applied in the future in order to finish the job without any problem.

I was also assigned with tasks related to organization development functions. I helped out in organizing data in measuring the employees’ job performance. What I learned from this task is that there are just employees who are not fit in the organization or in the job, but they might be able to fit in other organizations or jobs or better yet, train them to be able to fit in the position. Another learning is that, whatever I see while organizing and encoding the data of employee performance are only for the purposes of my job. It should not be disclosed to other people and even treat in a different way. Being professional and being objective is always the key.

These are only few of the reasons why I really loved and liked working with the team. They exposed me to the actual work experience they do on a daily basis and they motivated me to grow as someone who wants to pursue a career in the corporate world. These people gave me more confidence in myself, not only my immediate superior, but the whole team. They treated me as one of them and never left me out in my whole internship experience in HDI. They showed me the true meaning of professionalism in the workplace, which each and every employee of the company should practice.

I would like to thank the HDI Resource Team for giving me the opportunity to have my internship with them. Together we do, we will succeed, live learn love! Read more...