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The Past and Present: Sourcing Ambassadors for Future Employees

Looking for new talents in the organization is one of the functions of HR management and for those working in HR, they are too familiar with utilizing all their resources to attract new talents to join their organization. One of these resources of looking for new talents is through employee referral program, which promotes participation of the employees to help the organization in finding the right talents. This strategy is beneficial to three parties – the organization, the referral and the employee.
When it comes to saving talent acquisition or recruitment cost, employee referral program helps the organization be efficient in hiring as referrals won’t cost as much as executive search fees or paid job advertisements online or in other media. Besides, your employee already oriented his referral about the organization, its work environment and standards, and possibly, the people he will work with and the actual job functions of the open position. The organization will be able to save onboarding costs too. If the employee successfully referred a qualified talent in the open position, he will be rewarded by the company and thanked by the referral too.

Aug27rev Camille Franz Admix Regularization Referral min
Rico Franz Regularization Referral min
Sally SirObet SFC Reg Ref min

Above ambassadors have referred HDI talents who were regularized and are still with the organization as of this date.

The employees who introduced their organization to others would only do so if they are proud to be part of it and that if their employee morale level is high. So, where did the employees meet their referrals for career opportunities in the organization? Some of the profiles of the employee referrals who were hired by the organization were: an accounting professional that an employee met at a group tour for beach hopping, the IT professional husband of a former co-worker, a college classmate in business administration, a co-player in a badminton club and a former supplier. An effort to connect with others and tell them about the opportunity to join the organization made these successful hires possible.

But, there were instances that those who already left the organization refer new talents or job applicants to HR, purely to help a family member, friend or stranger to look for a job and indirectly helping HR management to look for the right talents. Whatever their issues were when they left the organization, they confidently introduced their once second home to others who are looking for employment. What instances made these connections possible for the previous talents to introduce the organization to external talents?

  • Competitor. A previous employee referred a colleague to apply for a specialized job at HDI, who greatly matched the requirements because an HDI subsidiary and the company of the previous employee sells the same type of product. She was shortlisted for the position.

  • Grab. HDI had an employee who is now driving a Grab-registered car and early this year, 3 fresh graduates booked his service and overheard that they were looking for a job. This previous employee informed the 3 to try applying for a job in HDI and these 3 applicants immediately headed to the office and submitted their job application. 1 of 3 was offered employment.

  • Interview in another company. Another previous employee noticed that an applicant like her is a fresh graduate and since she is aware that HDI has an opening for a fresh graduate, she informed the other applicant to also try applying in HDI to increase his chances of being employed soon. He is now employed with us.

  • Internship. A previous intern of HDI referred an applicant whom she knows from her church. She got hired. Another intern 5 years ago referred her stepsister to HDI too.

So, why do past and present employees and even interns participate in employee referral? For present employees, conduct a focus group discussion (FGD) or workplace climate survey, and for former employees, review the exit interview data. The information gathered may help uncover the reasons why they have been proud to be part of your organization. These reasons are great selling points of an employee to attract talents to join his current or past organization.

After all, feedback from familiar people, like how products sold online are reviewed by people, greatly influences external talents in wanting to join the company.

“Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands.” – taken from a quote by Ana Alonso, Global Marketing Head (Recruitment, Shell)